Should I build my own website or hire an agency? 

Having a website is a must for every business. If you’re a startup business or have a website 5 years or older, it’s time to look for a better solution. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of building a website or hiring an agency.

Building a website yourself? 

First, start with Wix and Shopify. There are dozens of web builders out there. We believe that these two are leaders in the industry. (We aren’t getting any commission for these links). 

Pros: They are excellent platforms that allow you to build your website without needing code. They have subscription tiers and dozens of beautiful templates to choose from. The yearly fees are required to keep the website live, but the fees are cheap compared to hiring an agency. Also, you get to say that you built it yourself. 

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Showcasing interface of for mobile and desktop viewports when building website.

Cons: There is a learning curve. Just because you don’t need to know HTML/CSS or “code” doesn’t mean it’s just that simple to update. Depending on the technical skillset, we’d set aside 3-10 hours to learn the platform. Another concern is that you are responsible for everything. From working with support, the build, integrating your hosting provider, content, and long-term maintenance. 

If you decide to do this yourself, it will boil down to attention to detail. You run the risk of users leaving your website if their experience is not easy. 

  • How does it look on mobile? 
  • Are my images compressed for the web? 
  • Are all of my hyperlinks working? 
  • How do I link to my domain provider? 
  • What happens if I mess up a page? 
  • Do you have a backup of the website? 

Hiring an agency

Most clients will attempt to build themselves because they’re business-minded and don’t want to pay someone. But often admit they do not have the time, energy, and dedication to maintain the website. You know, because they have to run a business. 

Pros: Building a website isn’t rocket science but does require knowledge of servers, domains, design, and code. Most agencies have project managers, backend & frontend developers, and designers. Having a team behind you is a better option, because they have the creative and technical skillset needed. Often, agencies have partnerships with stock photography and SEO experts on staff, too. You’ll have peace of mind with a team, so you can focus on your business.

Cons: Agencies usually have legal teams with exhausting contracts and steeper fees. So, make sure you ask questions before signing anything. Shop around and get quotes. 

A few questions to ask agencies: 

  • What happens if I cancel or break the contract? 
  • Do I own my files if I leave? 
  • Do you charge maintenance fees? 

No matter what you decide to do, double-check your website health frequently. If updates are made, check desktop and mobile versions. Visit your website monthly (at a minimum), ensuring things look great. Fix them yourself or alert your agency! 

EiPortfolio specializes in responsive web design. We build custom websites and templated websites. We typically build all websites using WordPress or Wix. Connect with us today for a free consultation. 

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