Logo Design

We create modern, timeless, and legible logos which allow your brand to be unique and stand out from competition.

Whats your process?

Step 1 – Research 

Analyze your business name, competition, and goals. Analyze your digital footprint and competitors to help build brand awareness. 

Step 2 – Concepts

Based on our research, we will draw up ideas and create concepts. Typically, these consist of sketches of low-fidelity designs. We always start in black and white to help you visualize the look. 

Step 3 – Design

Based on the direction, we will start to populate real-life scenarios to demonstrate the created logos. We are visual learners so we will generate how your logo looks on various mediums (billboards, business cards, print, social media, etc.).

Step 4 – Export

We will export your logo in a variety of ways and file-types. Typically, we will do full-color, all black, and all white logo exports. Additionally, we will export your logo in raster and vectorized file-types. 
Example of Raster: Flat image types that can be shrunk, but not expanded. Files: .png / .jpg
Example of Vector: Scalable image types that can shrink and expand without loosing resolution. Great for printing companies. Files: .eps / .ai

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create a logo?

We will move as fast as you want. It will always boil down to our communication. But typically, we’ve noticed that logos take around 2-5 weeks to complete.

What is the difference between raster and vector image?

Raster images are set at a size and flattened while vector images are scalable.

Raster imagery can only be reduced in size without losing quality.

Vector imagery can be scaled to any size imaginable and still maintain quality.

What is the difference between logomark and logotype?

A logomark is a symbol or icon that is paired with the business name. A logotype is typically just the name of the business as the logo. 

Examples of logomark: Starbucks, Nike, Adidas, Apple, Twitter
Examples of logotype: IKEA, Coca-Cola, YETI, Visa, Google

Ready for a new logo? Or a redesign of your current logo? 

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