Established in 2009 and headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.


Since 2009, EiPortfolio has been helping brands through design.

If you’re like us, you’re trying to keep up with life. Life is anything from family, your career, and even hobbies. Finding free time for things that matter, is easier said than done.

So, let us help analyze your business. We’re experts in this sector, just like you’re the expert in yours. 

Your reputation is your word, and most likely, your business has been successful through word-of-mouth. However, how scalable is that from a long-term perspective? Is your brand memorable? 

rm3 construction | client of EiPortfolio
Nitro Baits | client of EIPortfolio

The experience.

We’re dedicated to every business, agency, and marketing firm and want to see deserving brands reach the top. That means we don’t play when it comes to advocating for brands. We’ve been doing it for over 15+ years, and don’t plan on stopping. 

EiPortfolio means we’re experts…
Experts in… design
Experts in… communication 
Experts in… brands
Experts in… evolving digital footprints


The hard truth.

There are tons of agencies out there. Truth is, you don’t need us, and you don’t need them. You can build a logo, design a website, and run marketing campaigns by yourself. However, in the event you understand the value of an expert in their field, EiPortfolio is a great fit for your business.

Could you fix your water heater or that leaking pipe? Absolutely. But what if what you did is wrong? What if what you did, didn’t have an immediate impact and you wouldn’t know until it’s too late?

That’s how we look at brands. We want to be a partner in your journey and how your brand is perceived.

swift audience | client of EiPortfolio
The elements | client of EiPortfolio

Pride in our work.

We take pride in our work and have managed hundreds of clients in our career. We’ve opened thousands of design files and launched hundreds of successful projects. We get people, how to convey ideas, and listen.

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